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The Pros and Cons of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

With Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) here to stay, it makes sense to investigate some of the advantages and disadvantages of today’s TPMS hardware. Knowing some of the disadvantages especially can help both professionals and car owners maintain a strategic distance from some pitfalls of this expensive technology.


Advantages:  There is quite one real advantage to TPMS hardware.


It can save your life and your tires. TPMS is designed to caution you are employing a dashboard light when any of your tires has fallen underneath 25% of the carmaker’s rated pressure. It will tell …

Schrader Electronics: Optimizing Built-In Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

A tire pressure sensor has become one of the most useful accessories within a vehicle. Most people don’t realize their tires have a pressure sensor built-in but when it is most needed, it really will become a valued tool. That is what most cars need today because there is such a problem with tire related blow-outs and issues. However, is there really a need to optimize the built-in tire pressure monitoring sensors?

What You Need To Know

Drivers can use their vehicles most days and service it regularly however, tire pressure remains the forgotten part of …