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What is the status of your car’s TPMS caution light? Is it on or off? The  tire pressure sensor in your TPMS helps to monitor the amount of air pressure in your tires and alerts you once the pressure present in any of your tires goes below the recommended level by more than 25%. Once this occurs, the warning light of your TPMS goes on.

A question to ask yourself is that should you immediately stop and check out the tires? Because the TPMS only lets you know when the air pressure is below acceptable value and not the rate at which there is the loss of pressure in the tires, it is tough to decide this. The warning can be due to the air that has been slowly escaping over an extended period and already going flat, but the aftermarket TPMS cannot show you this.

Why the TPMS caution Light on?

The primary reason why tires can go flat is the warning light, even though the air pressure in them is not low enough to give a warning light. Once you get to know that one of your tires is getting low, add more air to them so as to meet up the recommended air pressure of the vehicle.

Cold surrounding Trigger the TPMS warning Light

When you take your car through a cold surrounding due to cold weather, it results in the air pressure in your tires dropping. Based on how low the temperature is, this can ultimately cause the pressure in the tire to go below the recommended level which will, therefore, trigger the TPMS’s warning light. Click here!

TPMS Warning Light

A lot of vehicle drivers are unaware of the appearance of the TPMS warning icon. A survey that was carried out recently by beru tpms services gave the result that a lot of drivers could not recognize their car’s TPMS icon.

How to Reset Your TPMS Warning Light                      

In a lot of vehicles, to reset the warning light, you need to squeeze some form of catch or a switch on the dash board. However, on some advanced Schrader TPMS, there is no need for the motorist to take any action for its warning light to reset, as it does this naturally by itself after driving the vehicle for a few distance after the tires must have been inflated.

What about TPMS Sensors for My Winter Wheels?

Once this happens, then it ultimately means that there is a problem. If you have just re-inflated your tires to the prescribed level and the warning light remains on after resetting, then it means there is a problem. The TPMS caution light will remain on if it senses any flaw in any of its parts.  Visit this site for more information : http://tiresensorwarehouse.com/

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